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Reader’s Theatre Features Stories by Hemingway, Chekhov, Babel and More

Reader’s Theatre returns to the Miners Foundry Cultural Center’s Osborn & Woods Hall, Sunday, June 30. Legendary character actor Tim O’Connor originally brought the medium to the Foundry and for more than a decade, this unique theatre-style reading of prose and screen plays, has moved and inspired audiences. O’Connor reprises his role as director for the summer production of Reader’s Theatre which features stories by Hemingway, McBain, Chekhov, Hughes, Barthelme, Babel, and Brautigan read by local performers.  Volunteer readers for this performance are Paul Miscan, Drue Mathies, Dave Iorns, Renee Sprattling, Gaylie Bell-Stewart, and Carolyn Winters.

O’Connor, is best known for his roles on Peyton’s Place and Buck Rogers in the 21st Century. When asked why he chose these specific stories, O’Connor said, “Well, when I began to choose stories, they began to fall into a category of street action, with police involved… imitation of life events, about how hearty life can be in the oddest way, and how it affects our lives.”

Reader’s Theatre has been called many things including Theatre of the
Mind and Interpreters Theatre.   For the audience, the Reader’s
Theatre experience is one of involvement.  The audience participates with its imagination to provide the sets, costumes, and props. Skilled voice actors cause the audience to experience literature as they do.

Reader’s Theatre is a presentation produced strictly by volunteers and a benefit to the mission of the Miners Foundry, to bring culture and performing arts to our community. All proceeds of this event will directly benefit the Miners Foundry Cultural Center.

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