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Ready by 21 Program Launches in Nevada County

A Webinar event hosted by the Sierra Mentoring Partnership is introducing a new youth development initiative to groups in Nevada County.  The program is called “Ready by 21″ created by the Forum for Youth Investment, a Washington DC action tank, dedicated to making sure all youth are ready for college, work and life.  Sierra Mentoring Partnership Executive Director, Christine Kelly says Nevada County statistics mirror what is a national dilemma, that 4 out of every 10 youth are not getting the supports they need to lead healthy productive lives.

“I’m so used to seeing that in the street sometimes and around the parks, transient youth, kids that really don’t know where to do. So we just need an awareness of that as a community, as leaders in our community, as leaders of our community and government and non-profit, we’re trying to put some emphasis on the young people in our community and trying to have their voices heard.”

The Ready by 21 program has five developmental areas targeted to help youth with learning, working, thriving, connecting and contributing back to the community.

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