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Real Estate Activity Picks Up In County

Real estate activity is picking up in Nevada County More homes are being sold at a time when interest rates are at very attractive low levels. Rick DeJesus the co-owner and General manager of Coldwelll Banker Grass Roots Realty  with 62 realtors in 4 locations in the county says last month his agents closed on 89 units.
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The equity  in homes is still not where most  homeowners would like it to be.  But DeJesus says multiple offers coming in on especially lower end properties is driving up  sale prices.
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In the last 18 months the median price of residential homes in Nevada County has stayed around $210 thousand.     The average sales price has been running around $240 thousand dollars.
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DeJesus says there are more equity sales now but the foreclosure and short sales are still a major factor in the market.  Foreclosures are  running at 30 to 40 percent of the market from a high of 50 percent.

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