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Realignment A Challenge for Probation Department

Since AB 109 went into effect two years ago, the Nevada county Probation Department has seen an increase of offenders on parole as they are released to Community Supervision.   The  AB 109  shift of  more sophisticated offenders to local jurisdictions has invoked concern as they are often released from prison without many social supports and are prone to return to a criminal lifestyle without interventions by the probation department and its community partners.

Last Friday, Nevada County Probation Department in cooperation with Nevada City and Grass Valley Police and the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department  conducted a compliance sweep of AB 109 and Mandatory supervision clients. Nevada County Chief Probation Officer Michael Ertola says 25 searches were conducted.
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Ertola says the total new violations of law discovered included 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors.
Click here to listen to Michael Ertola

Currently there are 42 AB 109 individuals being supervised in Western Nevada county by the Probation Department and 28 offenders who before AB 109 would have gone to state prison but now serve their time locally and are supervised locally.

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