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Realtors Urge Caution in Outsourcing County Housing Deptartments

Nevada County Housing Division is in charge of administering programs and finding grant funding for things like weatherization improvements, low income housing assistance, and down payments for first time homebuyers. Funding for the Housing Division comes from grants which have been diminishing recently.  The County as a move to save money is looking at outsourcing the Housing Department to another county. But, Nevada County Association of Realtors Executive, Kathy Hinman told the Nevada County Board of Supervisors at their last meeting these programs are crucial to employing local people in the construction industry and the Board needs to be careful with what is given away by outsourcing.


“And they may have a place here in lovely Grass Valley that they come to on the weekends and they may have another place along the coast in Santa Cruz when they want to go to the water. One of those can be designated their second home and those can vary back and forth each tax year.”


Nevada County has issued a request for proposals and received two responses from other Housing Agencies to take over Nevada County’s Housing Division. Those proposals will be reviewed and presented to the Board of Supervisors early in October.


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