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Recall Process Initiated

The Nevada County Elections Office has received papers to begin the process to try to recall Keith Grueneberg from the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District Board. Grueneberg was served with a Notice of Intention to Circulate a Recall Petition on Monday, and the paperwork was filed yesterday (Thursday). The recall effort is being spearheaded by former Consolidated employee Lisa LaBarbera, who says one of the grounds for the recall is that Grueneberg did not adhere to the intent of the use of funds from the 2012 Tax Measure, and gave back 20-thousand dollars worth of concessions to firefighters…

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The notice lists six grounds for recall, also alleging that Grueneberg violated the district’s harassment policy, circulating a video with racial overtones by e-mail to the Firefighter’s Union President, which was then forwarded throughout the district. LaBarbera says since Grueneberg is an elected official, the only way to get him off the board is through this recall effort…

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Grueneberg has seven days to file a written response if he wishes. After meeting other filing criteria, LaBarbera’s group would then have 120 days to gather 45-hundred signatures to place the recall before the voters.

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