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Reckless Driving and Alcohol Lead to Arrest At Agricultural Checkpoint

Concerned citizens reported a reckless driver of a Silver Dodge Avenger coming into California on westbound Highway 80 Friday morning. In response, the California Highway Patrol in the Truckee set up observation near the Agricultural Checkpoint.
Click here to listen to CHP Officer McDonnel

Truckee CHP Officer McDonnel says he made contact with three occupants of the vehicle including an adult male and two minors. Alcohol was determined to be a contributing factor to the reported reckless driving. A search of the vehicle uncovered prescription drugs.
Click here to listen to CHP Officer McDonnel

The adult passenger, Rodney Herrera 28 of Reno claimed ownership of the pills and was taken into custody. A minor driving the vehicle was also cited.
Click here to listen to CHP Officer McDonnel

Herrera was booked on possession of, and transportation of, a controlled substance.
The third person, also a minor, was not charged with any violations.
All parties were transported to the Truckee Jail and the vehicle was impounded per vehicle code regulations.

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