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Record Number of Propertys in Tax Default

Nevada County Treasurer Tax Collector Tina Vernon says  39 property owners in the county are in jeopardy of loosing their homes or land to auction for failure to pay property taxes.  She says that number is a dramatic increase from previous years and is  no doubt a symptom of the current economy.

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Vernon says  she has been notified by 12 property owners that they will not be paying their taxes and are walking away from their property.  the tax collector says the default process is governed by state law, and goes into  effect  after 5 years.

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If there is a loan on the parcel, Vernon says the mortgage company will usually  step in and pay the delinquent taxes.

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Vernon says the property owners in default  have all been notified and have until 5pm November 9th to settle their tax bill. Vernon says the county will use an on-line auction service (www.Bid4Assetts.com)  to sell parcels in a bidding process opening November 10 and closing November 13th.



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