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Reno Air Races Moving Forward

The Reno Air Racing Association is moving forward with plans to hold another air race this September, despite last year’s deadly accident that killed eleven people and injured dozens more when the pilot of a P-51 Mustang lost control and crashed into a group of spectators.  Reno Air Race Association President and CEO Michael Houghton (HOW-ton) drew a cheer from the crowd when he announced they are committed to do everything they can to hold the historic event in 2012.  Tim O’Brien the director of the Nevada County Air Fest was in Reno yesterday when Houghton made the announcement.

“They decided to move ahead and plan it for next year and keep the tradition going, but with a new committee to ensure greater safety for pilots and the spectators in the future.”

A National Transportation Safety Board Committee will hold a hearing January 10th into last year’s deadly crash, but results of the hearing are not expected for several months.

 The racing association says they’re confident they can get the permits to hold another race.  (HOW-ton)  says many of the victims and their families have told the organization that they were already planning to come to Reno in September to pay tribute to those who died. The races are scheduled for September 12-15 at Reno-Stead Airport.

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