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Repeat Offender Caught Red-handed

A familiar face to local law enforcement has been caught in the act of collecting items from unlocked vehicles in the Grass Valley area. Grass Valley Police have been actively investigating a rash of car burglaries in residential neighborhoods, and as part of the investigation, patrol officers have been strategically observing targeted areas. Sergeant Steve Johnson says that strategy paid off Tuesday when an officer spotted a suspicious subject carrying large bags in the middle of the night.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Steve Johnson

The officer was able to locate 20 year-old Keith Rushing and detain him in possession of the items.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Steve Johnson

Items included cash, iPods, loose change, checks, checkbooks, cellphones, debit cards, credit cards, sunglasses and other items. The vehicles were all located in the areas between Condon Park and the Nevada County fairgrounds. Sgt Johnson says there was an unfortunate common denominator in all of the burglaries.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Steve Johnson

Rushing was booked on a number of theft related charges as well as violation of probation.


February 26, 2014

Dan Taliaferro

I think the repeat offender is the judges who continue to not punish him

February 26, 2014

Brad Davis

I fully agree with Dan's comment. The judges keep putting these folks back on the street faster than law enforcement can do the arrest paperwork. Lack of accountability is killing our community. Time for new Judges and a new District Attorney.

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