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REVISED: 65 Thousand Gallons of Sewage Spilled into Wolf Creek

The Nevada County Environmental Health Department has revised its estimates from 10,000 gallons to 65 thousand gallons of sewage that spilled into Wolf Creek in Grass Valley at Joyce and Whiting streets from a pump failure. The pump failure at a lift station occurred over a 24 hour period starting on Tuesday October 18th, at approximately 11:30 am.  Wesley Nicks, Director of Environmental Health at the Nevada County Environmental Health Department says the report is taking longer than expected and due to the increase estimate of sewage flows into the creek the health threat has also increased. 

The sewage that was discharged contains bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms that can cause illness in humans and animals. Samples are being taken to measure the dilution rate. The cause of the release was repaired and the sewage flow was stopped by 9:00 am (Wednesday)morning. People and pets should stay away from Wolf creek until the water report results come back and that is expected to not be until Monday.

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