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Rewards of Being an English Language Tutor

You don’t need to be a teacher or know a second language to be an effective tutor in the Partners in English Language Learning program that is celebrating its 25th year in Nevada County.  Board member Todd Buis says the students are self referred and highly motivated and come from various backgrounds.

“A woman from China, Mandy, as she likes to go by, she just got her citizenship last year working with a longtime tutor, Margaret and also the husband from Viet Nam just got his citizenship last fall, working with his tutor Keith. So we do have a lot of success in our program.”

Buis says volunteers are the backbone of the program and a two day training class for new volunteers will begin September 17th.  He says tutoring parents also has its rewards.

“Over 70% of our students have children themselves in the Grass Valley/Nevada City schools and as you’re helping their parents, you’re really helping those children do better in school.”

Partners in English Language recently moved into a room at Lyman Gilmore Middle School on Rough and Ready Highway just west of Grass Valley. For information on their tutor program people can call 274-8428 or visit their website www.piell.org.

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