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Riders in the Sky Perform in GV

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The group has been together for 35 years- and they are still the original members. The Riders In The Sky are performing in Grass Valley Friday evening. According to Ranger Doug, the classic cowboy band fills a niche that began with the music of Gene Autry, Roy Rodgers, and the Sons of the Pioneers.
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Along with numerous awards and being inducted into the Grand Ole’ Opry, The Riders in the Sky have earned two Grammy Awards for movie soundtracks. The first was in Toy Story 2 when they performed a Randy Newman tune about the character Woody. The second for the music of Monters Inc.*
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The audience on Friday night can expect some old favorites as well as some new works from the Riders.
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The audience is sure to have a great time listening to the music and humor of the Riders in the Sky… and as their motto says…
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Riders in the Sky perform at 8:00 PM at the Center for The Arts

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