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Rincon del Rio Moves on for Approval

The Rincon del Rio Continuing Care Retirement Community  project has passed   review by the Nevada County Planning Commission and now moves forward to the Board of Supervisors for final approval.
The vote was 3 to 2 to move the project forward with  dissension coming from commissioners Suzanne Smith and Bob Jensen.

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Commissioner Jensen didn’t see a benefit to the county.
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The project   includes  215 acres   near the Bear River, mostly open space with  345  clustered and detached homes  concentrated on 40 acres of the property located on the western side of the  development site.

Another common complaint about the project is that  it requires changes to the county’s General Plan, which several people at public hearing said is an indication that the project does not fit the rural south county area.  Commissioner Douglas Donesky called the General Plan a really old document with gaps.
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Rincon del Rio Project Developer Carol Young says the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) concept is new to Nevada County but not the nation.

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Young says the project is needed for the aging population of our county.  She says it’s difficult to say how much it would cost to live at Rincol del Rio. The CCRC concept requires an initial buy in.  Young says that amount  is usually the  cost of a typical home in the area. The tenant would also pay  monthly fees depending on the level of amenities that they sign up for.  Young says when the tenant  vacates the property, 90 percent of the initial buy in would be returned to the persons trust or heirs.

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