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Road Rage Leads to Assault Charges

A good-deed gone bad ended with a suspect arrest for assault and child endangerment. The incident took place over a several day period that began when a female victim agreed to lend a car to the estranged father of her child. According to Nevada City Police Sgt Paul Rohde, the couple had been spending time together with the child when the visit came to an abrupt end.

Click here to listen to Sgt Paul Rohde Hoffman

Several days later the victim decided she would like her vehicle back and located it parked at a Nevada City motel. The victim decided to not make contact with the suspect, Terry Hoffman, 32, and left the parking lot. However, Hoffman spotted her and decided to chase after her.

Click here to listen to Sgt Paul Rohde Hoffman

The victim was able to get to a safe location and contact Nevada City Police who were able to eventually stop Hoffman near Highway 49 and Bennett Street in Grass Valley.

Hoffman was taken into custody for assault with a deadly weapon for using the vehicle to threaten the victim. The couple’s child in the car with the victim so child endangerment charges were added to the list.

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