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Some Roads Re-Open in American Fire Area

A new emergency closure order for the Tahoe National Forest lands within and adjacent to the American Fire Area was issued today. Forest Service Public Information Officer Gwen Ernst-Ulrich says it opens some of the roads that had previously been closed.
Click here to listen to Gewn Ernst-Ulrich

Ernst-Ulrich says the Western States Trail is open in one section but there is extensive damage to other areas of the trail.
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The Forest Service can issue a permit to private landowners or other adults with a reasonable need to access the closed area. Those seeking authorization must possess personal protective equipment appropriate for the dangers present in the area where access is requested and must understand and claim all liability for entering the area.
Click here to listen to Gewn Ernst-Ulrich

While the American fire is fully contained heavy fuels and large stumps are still holding heat….a fullĀ  “Out” is not expected until substantial rain and snow have blanketed the fire area.

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