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Rock Creek Nature Trail Hike- Saturday

Tiny organisms that sometimes look like bright green lace on tree trunks or fur on rocks, will be the focus of a nature walk along the Rock Creek Nature Trail this Saturday, October 20 from 10:00 until noon.
Lichen Expert, Cheryl Beyer, is leading the tour.  Forest Service Plant Ecologist, Kathy VanZuuk  says lichens are a combination of organisms.

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Though they may seem to be insignificant, lichen is a valuable contributor to the ecosystem because of its symbiotic relationship with fungi.

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Rock Creek Trail, located on Bowman Lakes Road, just off of Highway 20 is a handicapable trail that is less than a mile loop and the pace will be easy.

Click here to listen to Kathy VanZuuk

Bring water, lunch if you so desire, suitable trail shoes, insect repellant, sunscreen.  Car pooling is recommended as parking is limited. For more information – contact Kathy Van Zuuk, Forest Service Plant Ecologist, 530-478-6243

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