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Rough and Ready Secession Day Sunday

The Town of Rough and Ready is celebrating a brief period in history when they did not belong to the United States of America. In April of 1850 the town, fed up with lack of support from the Federal Government, drew up articles of secession forming “The Great Republic of Rough and Ready”.

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Art Grosse with the Rough and Ready Chamber of Commerce says that the secession only lasted three months. The people wanted to celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday- but ran into a snag when they went up the hill to buy some alcohol for the celebration.

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At that point, the people decided that maybe they should rejoin the Union and a meeting took place.

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Rough and Ready Secession Day takes place on Sunday starting with pancake breakfast from 7-10am Following breakfast, there will be a number of booths and activities for people to enjoy and learn about the town. There is also a humorous play that tells the story of Rough and Read. Grosse estimates the days activities will wrap around 2:30 or 3:00 PM.

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