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Rwandan Bishop Visits Grass Valley

An international visitor to Grass Valley spreads good news about his homeland, and also asks for help to keep his country improving. Lutheran Bishop Evalister Mugabo of the East African nation of Rwanda spoke to a crowd at the Peace Lutheran Church on Friday, and also spoke to KNCO before delivering his message…

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When Americans think of Rwanda, they likely think of the genocide that took place there for many years. The 50 year-old bishop was born in Tanzania because his parents were in exile. He also studied in Uganda, learning English there, before moving to Rwanda and becoming a citizen 19 years ago, just as the genocide was ending. At that time, the Hutu tribe was in power, and killing Tutsis by the hundreds of thousands, but Mugabo says everyone is getting along now…

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Mugabo credits the government, and Christian churches for the positive climate, and he describes Rwanda as a beautiful and free country now. Rwanda is a largely Christian nation, with many Catholics as well as protestants. Mugabo is here on a mission, and says he hopes to raise money for social programs…

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The visit is Mugabo’s first to the United States, and just the second time he’s left Africa. He spoke to a large Lutheran delegation in Fresno, and was to visit Roseville after leaving Grass Valley. His congregation in Rwanda has about 14-thousand members.

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