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Sacramento Men Arrested on Drug Charges in Grass Valley

A Grass Valley Police officer saw a car parked in a business complex that was closed. Captain Rex Marks says the officer saw the car at the Brighton Greens Business Complex on McCourtney Road Saturday night. The Captain says there were two Sacramento men in the car, trying to conceal marijuana and suspected meth amphetamine.

“Paraphernalia was found on their persons as well as in the vehicle including in shoes and socks of at least one of the individuals, showing the intent to conceal an illicit drug, in this case it was marijuana. The investigating officer was very diligent in this investigation and also found meth amphetamines.”

28 year old Ryan Forsythe and 20 year old Jose Solis both of the Sacramento area were taken into custody for suspicion of drug possession, conspiracy and several other drug related charges.

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