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Safety Procedure Tested When Stranger Entered Campus

Kudos to the staff and students at Bear River High School as they quickly responded to the “lockdown” alert tones early yesterday morning.
The lockdown at the High School was only in effect for a few minutes shortly after 8:00 AM when a man suspected to be under the influence was spotted on the high school campus. School Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Chris Espedal says school officials asked the man to leave, but he initially refused and the Sheriff’s office was notified.
Click here to listen to Chris Espedal

Espedol says sudents and staff acted effectively and efficiently when the emergency response system at Bear River was activated.

Click here to listen to Chris Espedal

Once the lockdown was lifted, parents were notifed and students were provided an explanation of the situation.

Click here to listen to Chris Espedal

The entire incident took less than 15 minutes from identification to resolution.
Students at neighboring Magnolia Middle School and Cottage Hill Elementary were not effected by the incident.

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