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Sage 100 Leaders book Rollout Today

Today (April 2) is the official roll out date for the new book about Nevada County, “The Sages Among Us, Harnessing the Power of Civic Engagement.”  The book is a project of the Center for Non Profit Leadership to gather insight from 100 leaders in Nevada County, from age 20 to Senior Citizens on what   attracts people to our community and what makes them want to give back to the community.  Norm Westmore worked on the steering committee for the Sage Leadership project.

“Our purpose here was to try and identify why this community has had such a wealth and treasure of people giving back to the community. So we interviewed these 100 people to identify leadership characteristics and what motivated them to give back to the community.”

 Westmore says one of the unexpected outcomes of doing the interviews for the Sage Leadership book was building new relationships through the interview process and discovering the various talents that people have.   Interviewees are from the areas of non profits, education, local government, business leaders and historic families of Nevada County.

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