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Salvation Army Needs Your Expertise

The Grass Valley Salvation Army is feeling the economic pinch like everyone else in the form of more need and fewer dollars. The Salvation Army is seeing more families with children and that is where they are looking to the community to volunteer. Corps officer major Martha Sheppard explains what the Salvation Army is looking for from the community.

“Music and arts are such a big priority in this community, but almost every family that we deal with, their kids are not able to participate in them because they cost money, they have to be there at a regular time, they don’t have transportation, it’s just tough for them. We had thought of doing something after school where we’re right by a park. So we thought one day we could do arts, and one day we could do music and another day we could do some kind of sports out in the field.”

If you can volunteer your time and expertise to the Salvation Army, there are many opportunities; you can call Major Martha Sheppard at 274-3500.

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