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Salvation Army Provides Cold Weather Shelter

A plan to shelter the Homeless during cold weather conditions was fine tuned at a town Hall Meeting last (Tuesday) evening in Nevada City.  Captain Don Sheppard of the Grass Valley Salvation Army says the Salvation Army will be the lead agency in organizing all the nonprofit groups that will open an extreme weather shelter at the Veterans Building in Nevada City 

“That’ll be the main place and we’ll transport people to and from that may need transportation as well. The City Manager will make the call at 2:00 whether we will be open that evening. We’re not the one that make the call, but we do coordinate the volunteers and the staffing and the Food Bank is doing the meals. It really is a collaborative effort.”

If needed a shelter will also be opened at the Salvation Army facility on Alta Street in Grass Valley.  Sheppard says they also have the use of 40 portable shelters for people with pets.

“We even have little shelters running along the driveway here at the Salvation Army if they have an animal that they want to stay with, a dog or a cat or that type of thing. They can stay in the little habitats as well with their animal.”

Criteria for opening the Extreme Weather shelter will be a temperature of 28 degrees and dry or 32 degrees and wet weather.  Volunteers are needed as Food and Hospitality workers, cleanup, Animal Control, Safety and Security, and Guest Intake. There is a volunteer sign up on the salvation Army Website at www.grassvalleysalarmy.org, or people can call the Salvation Army in Grass Valley at 274-3500.

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