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Same Crime, Very Different Sentencing

Questions are being asked as to how two men sentenced in the same court and both for very similar charges of child molestation could receive such different sentences. Nevada county District Attorney Cliff Newell says the defendant Dan Hanna was sentenced to six years in prison for molesting a child under the age of sixteen.   Newell says the second case involved Robert Dematteis who was sentenced to less than one year in the county jail for the same charge. The district attorney was asked what the difference between the two cases was.

“The basic difference between the two is that it was a stipulated sentence between my office and the defendant and the defendant’s attorney. Meaning that we agreed that the case would resolve for a prison sentence with no options. In the Dematteis case, the judge had the option because we allowed the sentence to go forward as a lid, which means the judge could do anything up to a certain amount, which was 6 years.”

Dematteis was sentenced to less than a year in the county jail because the judge felt he was a good candidate for a rehabilitation program. Six years of his prison sentence was suspended he also received five years probation.

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