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Sammies Friends Has Pitties for Adoption

Cheryl Wicks, the Director of Sammie’s Friends Animal Rescue and the operator of the Nevada County Animal Shelter says there are several nice dogs at the shelter in need of homes. She says 18 are Pitt Bull Terriers and 11 are other breeds. Wicks has some information about the background of some of these dogs and hopes people may find a canine companion to welcome into their home.

click to hear long interview with Cheryl Wicks

The Animal Shelter on McCourtney Road is open 12-4p.m. Monday through Saturday but if that’s not convenient people can call the shelter at 471-5041 to make an appointment to view the animals ready for adoption. Wicks says there is also a dog behaviorist that is at the shelter every morning and working with the dogs and if anyone adopts a Pitt Bull she will offer them dog training for free.

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