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Sample Ballot Concern Complaint Filed

Before the numbers were even counted last night, a mix-up in some of the precincts yesterday afternoon. Some confusion between the sample ballots, and the official ballots. In some cases, the order of the candidates listed in the sample ballot was different then what appeared on the official ballot.

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That’s Nevada County Republican Party Chair Deborah Wilder, who filed a complaint with the county. County Clerk-Recorder Greg Diaz says the error was brought to his attention around 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

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Diaz says if you took the time to check your ballot after you voted, you wouldn’t have had a problem. Diaz admits, though, that there is a possibility that some people could have mis-voted.

Click here to listen to Greg Diaz

The mis-printed sample ballots were in about 27 precincts, affecting the District Attorney and Judicial Races. Remember, there was also a printing error that delayed the original mailing of the sample ballots.

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