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San Juan Ridge Taxpayer’s Association and SYRCL Partner to Deliver Message

An awareness message is being delivered to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning. The San Juan Ridge Taxpayer’s Association and South Yuba River Citizen’s League are delivering 1300 post cards asking the Supervisors to take a good look at the environmental impact of the proposed reopening of the San Juan Ridge Mine. SYRCL Executive Director, Caleb Dardick says that the two organizations teamed up during the recent Wild and Scenic Film Festival.
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Taxpayer Association representative, Solomon Henson, says that Ridge residents have multiple concerns about the mining effects on the water table as well as discharge to the South Yuba Watershed. The previous operation accidentally tapped into the aquifer that waters much of the Ridge Community and drained a dozen wells including Grizzly Hill School. A concern is that additional mining could cause more wells to go dry and hinder life on the Ridge.
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In regards to discharge, previous efforts to control the potential 3.5 million gallons of water a day pumped out of the mine failed and both the Taxpayers and SYRCL are conerned how discharge will effect two streams that feed the South Yuba as well as the River itself.
At 8 AM, prior to the Supervisor’s meeting, the two groups will be holding an informational rally on the steps of the Rood Center.
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The pre-meeting informational rally begins at 8 and the General Meeting begins at 9:00 on Tuesday, February, 25th.
Becasue the presentation is during Public Comment no action can be taken by the Board.

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