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Saving Our State Parks

Alden Olmsted, son of late naturalist John Olmsted who died of cancer in March, says the time of letter writing is over; our state parks will close if action is not taken. The South Yuba River State Park and Malikoff-Diggins State Historic Park have been on the state’s list of 70 parks to close due to budget cuts. Fundraising efforts have been raised some money from local business but Olmsted is shocked that the big money is not responding.

“Where’s the Sierra Club? Where are all the environmental  organizations that are apparently so powerful and take a lot of people’s money and I’m learning, unfortunately, that they’re just as bad as the government in some respects. They’ve got their own interests, their own six figure jobs to worry about and they don’t have the passion. I’ve been telling everyone that these parks wouldn’t be saved if not for a passionate person or 100 passionate people or whatever.”

Olmsted has learned that money is not the only answer and is now working with the Sierra Club and others to take action to force the state to allow the operation of local state parks by non-profits if the money is there.

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