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School District Consolidation- Money is Key

Presentations started with a rousing game of Rochambeau- Paper covered Scissors- so Roxanne Gilpatrick, Nevada City Elementary School District Superintendent,  went first. Gilpatrick presented her School  Board’s summary of the Plusses, Minuses and Points of Interest for Consolidation of the Nevada City Elementary and Grass Valley School Districts. Gilpatrick was followed by Grass Valley Superintendent Eric Fredrickson. Both sides see many benefits for combining the two districts, but there were also some concerns. Money is a key factor for both districts. Grass Valley Board President, Paula Roediger wants to be sure fiscal concerns are addressed.

Click here to listen to Paula Roediger

Nevada City Board President, Paula Campbell is pleased that progress is being made even if the process is difficult.

Click here to listen to Paula Campbell

Nevada County Superintendent of School, Holly Hermanson, facilitated the discussions Tuesday evening and is happy to see both boards working together.

Click here to listen to Holly Hermanson

Public opinion coming from Friends of Nevada City Elementary voiced concerns about the loss of identity and loss of local control if the districts do consolidate.

The two Boards will meet again on Wednesday October 3rd.

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