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School District Consolidation Talks Slow From Lack of Input

What began several months ago as a chance to make positive change to education in Grass Valley and Nevada City has slowed dramatically because of lack of public input. At last night’s (Wednesday) joint board of trustees meeting of the two elementary districts, discussion focused on how to get more people involved in the consolidation effort. Grass Valley Board President , Frank Bennallack (Ben-Al-ack), wants to hear from all stakeholders.*

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Bennallack woud like to hear from Grass Valley residents before the next meeting in March.

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Nevada City Board President, Michael Hill-Weld, wants his constiuency to come up to speed on the issue.*

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Specifically, Hill-Weld wants to know if Nevada City residents see potential in consolidation.*

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Several teachers, from both districts, at the meeting stated they want more involvement in the process.
One member of the public from Nevada City restated what the Friends of Nevada City Elementary School stated at a meeting several months ago that they are fundamentally opposed to the consolidation and want the issue to go to a vote so they can mount a campaign against it.

Former board presidents, Paula Roediger from Grass Valley and Paula Campbell from Nevada City have compiled information from all of the prior meetings and posted it on each of the district’s websites. People can access that information by going to the district websites and clicking on the link for Consolidation Information on the home page.
Grass Valley School District website: http://www.gvsd.k12.ca.us

Nevada City School District website: http://www.ncsd.k12.ca.us

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January 24, 2013


that's right, we all want to keep our own schools in our own districts and pay lots of people to do the same jobs in different districts rather than consolidate, but no one wants to PAY for that any more.

Do we really need so much admin for so few schools?


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