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School Districts Preparing for Worst- Hope for “OK”

Nevada County School Districts have created current school year budgets in anticipation of cuts that could go into effect as a result of the November elections. Proposition 30 and Proposition 38 each provide funding for California schools if they are approved by voters in the upcoming election. However, if neither passes, Nevada County District Superintendents including Grass Valley School District Superintendent Eric Fredrickson are preparing for cuts.
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That is a $457 per student cut.
If one or both propositions passes, state funding will remain flat. Flat is defined as the same level of funding as 2011-12.
District budget concerns are exacerbated by a cut in federal funds of almost 9%. Federal funds include money for Special Education and other learning support programs. Additionally deferred payments from the state are also creating cashflow issues for districts.
Administrators in Nevada County school districts took proactive measures when creating their budgets in anticipation of the potential reductions.
Proposition 30 is the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act and part of the Governor’s Tax Initiative. Prop 38 Our Children Our Future is also referred to as the Munger Initiative.

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