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School Starts For Most Nevada County Kids Today

For a vast majority of kids in Nevada County, today is the first day of school. Some parents are taking their five year-olds to kindergarten for the first time, older kids are looking forward to seeing their friends, and teachers are ready with their lesson plans. Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermansen says things in her office have calmed down after a busy summer, but they are still busy answering the phones…

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This is also the first year of full implementation of ‘Common Core’–a new set of state standards. There has been some opposition to it, but Hermansen says that what’s she’s seeing and hearing from teachers in schools is that they’re not that concerned about it…

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Hermansen says there’s also a new program this year to help teachers fund small projects…

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There are 38 schools in 9 school districts that Hermansen oversees. All but one of those schools start today. Grizzly Hill School starts next week.

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