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Scooter’s Pals Continues to do Good Work

The trial for the person allegedly responsible for shooting Frankie the Dog and leaving him tied to a tree is set to begin soon. Thanks to generous people and the good work of Scooter’s Pals Frankie has a great new home.

Click here to listen to Susan Wallace

Executive Director, Susan Wallace, says that Scooter’s Pals is continuing to do good work, but is running a bit low on resources.
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Wallace says Scooter’s Pals is run completely by volunteers and is funded primarily through small dollar donations.
Click here to listen to Susan Wallace

RescueMolly-FBDonations go primarily to cover veterinarian bills and food. Wallace says every little bit helps.
and if you are looking for a new dog, Scooter’s Pals is having an adoption event at PETCO this Saturday. Contact Susan Wallace susanW1068@gmail.comĀ  (530) 350-2099


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