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Scooter’s Pals Events This Weekend

There’s been another delay in the trial for the man accused of abusing Frankie the Dog that was save by Scooter’s Pals after being tied to a tree,  shot in the face, and left for dead. However, Director Susan Wallace says the the charge still remains a felony for animal abuse.
On the brighter side of pets,  Scooter’s Pals is participating in a couple of events this weekend.
Click here to listen to Director, Susan Wallace

Most of the adoptable dogs and a cat along with some families with dogs that need to be re-housed will be at PETCO event from 10-2 on Saturday.  Scooter’s Pals is also looking for gently used items for their Barking Lot Sale later this summer. Items can be dropped off at Scooter’s Pals on Joerschke Drive Monday through Fridays.

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