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Scotch Broom Challenge is This Saturday

The Next Scotch Broom community Challenge is tomorrow (Saturday) at three locations. Tyler Foote Rd in North San Juan, hosted by NSJ Fire; North Star Mine House in Grass Valley, hosted by Bear Yuba Land Trust;  and Hell’s Half Acre in Grass Valley, hosted by Red Bud Chapter California Native Plant Society.

The Scotch Broom Challenge was created in 2007 to address the spread of the highly flammable and invasive plant in our community. The Scotch Broom Challenge started with just a few sites in Nevada County. In the spring of 2011 over 250 volunteers took the Scotch Broom Challenge and pulled broom at 17 sites throughout Nevada County and Placer County. Executive Director of the Nevada County Fire Safe Council who organizes the challenge each year, Joanne Drummond speaks to the threat of Scotch broom to our native vegetation.

“We’d really like the public to understand the high flammability of Scotch Broom and why it is unsuitable in your landscaping in a high wildfire danger area. Many groups have aligned with us because of its invasive qualities that choke out native vegetation and wildlife forage. So if people learn more, they will be proactive.”

The goals of the Challenge are to educate the community about this hazardous vegetation in order to control the rapid spread in our county and reduce the fire hazard, provide landowner assistance and implement removal sites. For more information you can go to the web site are you fire safe dot com.

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