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Search and Rescue Donation Drive Saturday

Nevada County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for running a Search and Rescue operation, but Coordinator of the program, Sgt. Sam Brown says that would not be possible without the volunteers who provide their training and equipment to get the job done.
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Del, is Del Clement, who is the Incident Manager and coordinator for the 120 Search and Rescue volunteers in Nevada County. He says all the volunteers have to pay for their own gear and training and it can get very expensive.

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Search and Rescue is organized as a non profit 501-C3 and members will be out and about in the community this Saturday explaining what they do and asking people for donations .

Click here to listen to Del Clement

So far this year Nevada County Search and Rescue has completed 24 searches, assisted police departments with finding missing persons and has helped to uncover crucial evidence in some of the current cases going on.

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