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SEDCorp Continues to Expand Broadband Reach in Rural Nevada County

High speed internet access is slowly but surely beginning to reach rural and remote areas of Nevada County. SEDCorp CEO Randy Wagner explains the process that his organization is using to increase access to the ERC Board on Thursday.
Click here to listen to Randy Wagner

The intent is to take action and not just gather information.
Click here to listen to Randy Wagner

Wagner says they are already experiencing success on the Ridge.
Other target communities include Chicago Park, Peardale, North San Juan, Willow Valley, and Lodestar.
Getting fiber optic lines to all areas of the county is the gold standard- but cost prohibitive. Wireless access through a series of connection points is not as fast, but is better than no connection. SEDCorp is charged with providing access solutions in 26 communities across 5 northern counties.

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