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Sellout Crowd Enjoys Guthrie Show

Listen to ‘City of New Orleans’

There may be a few hundred people still humming Arlo Guthrie tunes this morning. A sellout crowd packed the Grass Valley Veterans Building to see the folk legend Friday night. Guthrie’s tour is commemorating his father’s 100th birthday with Woody Guthrie’s music, but there were a lot of Arlo’s songs in there as well. Concert goers gave rave reviews…

Listen to concert goers

Guthrie did do a few bars of the Thanksgiving classic, but really only to say that he would do the 20-minute song and story next year when it becomes 50 years old. Guthrie did about an hour of his father’s stories and songs. After an intermission, the second hour featured his well-known songs such as City of New Orleans. He closed the show with his father’s ‘This Land Is Your Land’, and his an encore featured a sing-a-long called ‘My Peace’ that Woody Guthrie wrote the lyrics to, but never recorded. Arlo found it and put it music years later. Guthrie has performed in a lot of places, but had never been to Grass Valley before. He says he enjoyed it…

Listen to Arlo Guthrie

The show was put on by the Center for the Arts

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