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Senator Doug LaMalfa introduces bill to assist Law Enforcement

Senator Doug LaMalfa has introduced SB1067, which provides California peace officers the ability to request aid from law enforcement agencies in bordering states should they deem it necessary. Nevada County is one of the rural law enforcement areas that would be positively affected due to the close proximity with the state of Nevada. Currently, Law Enforcement agencies, such as Truckee CHP and the Truckee police are currently required to route requests for mutual aid through state government in Sacramento, a process that takes time during emergencies.

“It comes down to, I think, the average person out there, when they seek some type of emergency help, they don’t really care what the name is on the car door, they just want to have that assistance to be able to be there as soon as possible. And that’s the same as the folks in law enforcement, they would just like to be able to aid each other in a crisis situation to render that aid regardless of where that arbitrarily drawn border is.”

SB 1067 would allow California agencies to directly request intrastate aid while responding to criminal activities, traffic accidents, public safety concerns and other emergencies. The bill is coauthored by Assemblyman Jim Nielson and supported by the California Police chiefs Association.

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