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Sex Offender Pleads No Contest Gets 30 to Life

A sex offender charged with over 38 counts of sexual assault with special allegations has reached a deal with the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office. According to District Attorney Cliff Newell,  Jonathan Scott Foote pled no contest to five counts of sexually assaulting five minor male victims between 2001 and 2007.
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The case came to light when a young man, now 19, spoke to a friend in late 2013 , who is a mandated reporter, about what had happened when he was younger and in turn that kicked off a multi-month investigation leading to Foote’s arrest and apparent trial.
Today, Foote pled to one representative count for each victim and admitted the special allegations in order to avoid trial.
Click here to listen to DA Cliff Newell

Foote,-JonathanFoote’s sentencing is scheduled for June 5th. DA Newell says, though the agreement has been reached, sometimes things change between agreement and sentencing.
Click here to listen to DA Cliff Newell

Newell praised Deputy DA Jennifer Ow and the detectives involved in the case with their diligent work and case preparation. The DA’s office is fully prepared to go to trial if for some reason the defendant changes his mind. Foote’s deal is 30 years to life with no possibility of release for 30 years.

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