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Sheriff Respond to Report of Shooting in Nevada City

Nevada County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the a home in the 22 thousand block of HWY 20 in Nevada city early Thursday morning after a concerned roommate called, saying his friend had been drinking all day, was fighting with his girlfriend on the phone and began shooting a gun inside the house. Sheriff Keith Royal says the distraught man’s mother believed her son to be suicidal and she went to the house to intervene. her son 22 year old Michael Tomei of Nevada city, barricaded himself and his mother in a bedroom of the house where it is alleged that Tomei made threats against his mother and discharged several more rounds from a firearm into the dwelling when the roommate called 911.

“The mother had acquired the guns from her son and was taking him to a hospital to have him looked at. We stopped the vehicle and found Cody sitting on the passenger side of the vehicle and he was taken into custody without incident. The mother did provide us with the firearms. When we looked inside the residence you could see where he fired a number of rounds into the walls and doors of the residence.”

Tomei was booked into the Wayne Brown correctional Facility on intent to terrorize, false imprisonment and shooting in an inhabited dwelling, all felonies and one misdemeanor of brandishing a firearm.

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