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Sheriff Royal Cautions Parents About Strangers

A 13-year old boy’s quick thinking may have prevented him from being the victim of a kidnapping. The boy contacted authorities after witnessing suspicious activity in the south county. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal outlines what sounds like a parent’s nightmare.

“A boy was walking home on Angelique Place when he noticed a white SUV driving on the road behind him. So he kind of moved over to the side of the road. The SUV passes him and parks a short distance away. As he gets closer, the driver gets out and goes and opens the passenger door. As he goes by he notices white rope and duct tape on the floor so he takes off and heads up the driveway and the driver starts walking in his direction, he then runs.”

The boy made it to his grandparents’ home safely in Lake of the Pines. Sheriff Royal reminds parents to be cautious and teach their children to be aware of their surroundings.

“We don’t know the totality of what this was about. You can never be too cautious when you have young children. Our suspicious female was described as a white female, approximately six feet tall, 140 pounds, dark blonde hair and wearing blue jeans and a black shirt.”

The Sheriff says parents should talk to their children and if you have any suspicion, don’t ever hesitate to give the Sheriff’s department a call.

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