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Sheriff Seeks Public's Help in Homicide Case

The Sheriff says the leads in the most recent homicide investigation have been exhausted. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal is asking for the public’s help, to continue the investigation into the death of Delbert Wilder. The Sheriff says the homicide investigation began on October fifteenth.

“We had a homicide on Toby Trail that involved our victim, who is a Delbert Wilder. Our detectives have worked very diligently and tried to go over every lead that’s presented itself. At this point we’re at a standstill. We’re making a request of anyone who might have any information on this case to please call our office.”

Wilder’s body was found in a home on Toby trail. Sheriff’s investigators have had very limited information to work from in their attempts to solve this case. The Sheriff says anyone one with information can call 265-7880.

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