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Shots Fired End in Arrest of Grass Valley Man

Grass Valley Police received several calls Friday morning about a man shooting a gun in the area of Dorsey Drive near the freeway. Grass Valley Police Captain Dave Remillard says at four in the morning, officers arrived on scene and set up a perimeter.

“Upon arriving to the area, the officers set up a perimeter. They could hear some male voices talking in the vacant lot that joins the freeway and Dorsey Drive area there. One of the comments heard coming from the vacant lot was ‘if it’s the cops, I’m going to shoot them.”

19 year old Gerald Zinola was found to be in possession of a load handgun and a sawed off shotgun. He was firing the weapons to trying to intimidate a female to keep her from saying anything about a domestic situation. Zinola was taken into custody for suspicion of terrorist threats and trying to intimidate a witness.

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