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Should County Supervisors Get a Pay Raise?

Nevada County Supervisors approved a number of salary increases for county officials at their meeting on Tuesday, then were asked if they wanted the county to investigate a pay raise for them. Nevada County Human Resources Director Charlie Wilson says the Salaries of the Board of Supervisors have remained unchanged for 8 years at $39,000 for a Member of the Board of Supervisors and $41,000 for the Board Chair.

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The Nevada County Grand Jury in 2008 recommended raising salaries for Board members. During public comment at the Board meeting Tuesday Nevada County Tea Party member and self proclaimed fiscal conservative Eddie Garcia said he thinks raises are in order.

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Supervisor Ed Scofield says He thinks the job is worth an annual salary of around $45,000, but it could take several years before that is adopted.

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Supervisors Directed staff to return with an analysis and options for possible compensation increases for the Board of Supervisors.

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