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Sierra Business Council Offers Energy Upgrade Incentives

Small businesses in Nevada, Placer and neighboring counties have an opportunity to upgrade to energy efficient lighting at a low cost thanks to an incentive plan put in place by the Sierra Business Council. According to project manager, Karen Ritland, the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch Program is partnering with P G and E to offer a special light bulb swap out  rebate program during the month of May.
Click here to listen to Karen Ritland

To take advantage of the low cost energy saving lighting, a business must swap out old lights for the newer LED bulbs. New fixtures do not count.
Click here to listen to Karen Ritland

Businesses must contact the Sierra Business Council and arrange for a visual audit of current lighting before the end of May. After ordering the replacement bulbs, they must be installed within a week of receiving them. A post audit by the Sierra Business Council will take place to check that timely installation did occur.

Call Karen Ritland 530-582-4800 kritland@sierrabusiness.org


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