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Sierra College Receives Donation of Printing Press

The Sierra College Nevada County Campus Art Department is receiving a gift this holiday season from a former San Francisco State Art Professor who spent his final years in Nevada County.  While at San Francisco State Wes Chamberlin became acquainted with Howard and Peggy Levine.  Peggy says she took an Art class from him. When Chamberlin retired to Nevada County he got further acquainted with the Levines and Chamberlin willed his studio equipment and supplies to Howard and Peggy with the understanding that he wanted the studio supplies to be used by students.   Over the years this wish has been part of the Printmaking Class at Sierra College Nevada county campus taught by Howard Levine. Peggy Levine says last week the printing press that Wes Chamberlin imported from England was moved from the Levine’s home studio to the Campus.

“It’s a big, heavy press and it got moved to the drawing classroom at Sierra College and Hills Flat helped us with a fork lift and a truck and we got it out of our studio, which was fun anyway. So now it’s at the college and it’s kind of exciting.”

Howard and Peggy Levine say they hope that future students will learn about printmaking and Wes and his “persistent vision,” and be full filled in using this wonderful press.

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