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Sierra Fund Lands 5.5 Million Dollars for Water Projects

The Sierra Fund is getting $5.5 million from the California Department of Water Resources for water quality and supply projects. The projects will maximize use of the funds and Sierra Fund CEO, Izzy Martin, says its an example of what can be done when organizations work together to solve problems rather than challenge each other for the funds.

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Martin says almost all of the projects have multiple benefits and some even serve dual purposes.

Click here to listen to Izzy Martin

The grant, collaboratively assembled by more than a dozen agencies and organizations that began working together in 2007.

Examples of locally funded projects include:

  • Water Efficiency, Water Quality and Supply Reliability, jointly led by the Nevada Irrigation District and Placer County Water Agency
  • Malakoff Diggins Feasibility Study, led by The Sierra Fund
  • Omega Diggins and Scotchman Creek Hydraulic Mine Assessment, led by the South Yuba River Citizens League
  • Spring and Shady Creek Mining Impacts Assessment, led by the Yuba Watershed Institute
  • Combie Reservoir Mercury Treatment Facility, led by Nevada Irrigation District
  • Mercury Contaminated Fish: Data Collection and Public Education, led by The Sierra Fund
  • Meadow Restoration, Assessment and Prioritization in the American, Bear and Yuba Watersheds, led by the South Yuba River Citizens League
  • Relief Hill Hydraulic Mine Remediation, led by Tahoe National Forest
  • Camptonville Water System Improvement Project, led by the Camptonville Community Services District

While a recommendation for funding came in late 2013, the final grant award was announced only last week.

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