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Sierra Gold Coins on Display at Fairgrounds

Remember the Sierra couple who unearthed millions of dollars worth of old gold coins on their property back in February? Well, you can see those coins at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. They will be on display at the Grass Valley Old West Antiques Show. Show owner and promoter Brian Witherell says the coin expert representing the couple that made the discovery, asked almost at the last minute if the coins could be shown…

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One 20-dollar gold piece is estimated to be worth 1.2 million dollars. The couple that made the find still wishes to remain anonymous, but plans to sell most of the collection soon. While walking through the fairgrounds, Witherell describes plenty of other things to see at the show…

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And most of the stuff is for sale. The Grass Valley Old West Antiques Show is today from 10am to 5pm, and tomorrow from 9am to 2pm at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Admission is seven dollars, parking is free.

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